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2018 Traveling Softball Registration

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Congratulations to both you and your daughter on being selected to participate on a Hudson Boosters Traveling team.  This accomplishment is no doubt a combination of both hard work by the girls and significant family support.

Fee Change

New in 2018:  Registration processing fees will be passed on to the registrants as a service charge.   The Hudson Booster board and sports committees have agreed that a non-profit club should not be absorbing these fees.

New in 2018:  Registrations after May 1 will be charged an additional $15 late fee.

You will see that the fee structure to play traveling softball this year has changed slightly, where the fee for the team is separated from the uniform cost.  The uniform design has not changed from 2017 so if your daughter played last year, they can re-use those parts of the uniform which still fit and are in good shape.  Likely, however, even if their pants still fit it is worth seeing if they are still in game shape for another full season of ball. 

You will be able to choose parts of the uniform 'a la carte' with the cost of the uniform pieces you select being passed through with no markup.

Dibs/volunteer requirements in 2018 - 6 Hours per player ($249 if not fulfilled), with a family maximum of 8 hours ($499 if not fulfilled)

The Hudson Booster club has a volunteer aspect to our baseball & softball registrations.  Running the Booster baseball and softball leagues takes a tremendous amount of behind the scenes work which is entirely done by volunteers.  We feel by getting more volunteers involved, the work it takes to run the programs can be spread out amongst the families that benefit from the youth sports experience.  Then more bandwidth can be applied to improving these programs even further – field maintenance & improvements, increasing the training for coaches & umpires, running more regional tournaments, etc.  By getting involved, families will gain a greater appreciation of everything the Boosters do for the youth and community as a whole.  Volunteer programs have become common among youth sports programs, as both Hudson Soccer and Hudson Hockey run similar programs.

The Booster club has set the requirements at  6 hours per player with a family maximum of 12 hours.  

New in Dibs for 2018:

  • Families not fulfilling their DIBS hours prior to November 1 will be charged $249 for 6 hours not completed and $499 for 12 hours not completed.  There is no partial credit given for hours worked below the requirement for your family.  Please see the Dibs FAQ for more details. 
  • Dibs hours may be worked within the same calendar year, up to Nov 1 of the year the registration was completed.  Credit is not given for extra DIBS hours completed in a prior year.
  • Coach/Manager waivers will only be given to those who complete and pass the required background check.

All traveling programs, plus in-house programs 3rd grade and above will have this requirement.  Tee-ball and machine pitch leagues do not have this requirement.

Coaches, assistant coaches, and team managers who have passed the background check will have their Dibs/volunteer hours WAIVED.  This is a great chance for you to volunteer, teaching sportsmanship and game skills to the youth of Hudson.

Click here for details of Dibs and the volunteer requirements.

General Registration Info

  • More than one child can be registered in each session, with a single check-out at the end.  
  • Please read through each page carefully to ensure that all information is provided accurately.
  • To complete registration through our secure site, please have your Visa, MasterCard, Discover, or checking account information available.
  • Upon completion of registration a charge from Hudson Boosters will appear on your account.


Questions about specific sports or leagues?

Tim Heckmann

Softball Program Commissioner


Elizabeth Sommers

Traveling Softball Director

Phone: 715-377-6033