Hudson Boosters

Booster Financial Request Form


Hudson Boosters Financial Request Form

This form can be used for the following Booster-related transactions:

►  Purchase requisition (I want the club to buy something)

►  Purchase reimbursement (I have already bought something for the club and want reimbursement)

►  Tournament payment requisition (I want to register my team for a tournament)

General rules of engagement:

►  The person requesting reimbursement or payment must complete this request form before funds will be disbursed by the Club Treasurer. 
►  This request must be approved by a secondary club member, one with committee or board voting privilege.  

⇒  If the requisition or reimbursement is pre-approved by a second party, that approval IDEALLY should be attached to this form as an email screenshot etc.

⇒  If the secondary approval has not yet happened, you will indicate up to two roles for this form to be routed.  PLEASE NOTE: THIS WILL CAUSE A DELAY IN YOUR FORM BEING FULLY PROCESSED

►  Payment in excess of $100.00 will not be disbursed without the Secondary Authorization as required.

►  All related invoices, purchase orders, delivery tickets, etc. must be attached to this request up front.  Lack of documentation upon first submission will cause the request to be rejected until all proper documentation is re-submitted.


Please direct questions to:

Brent Hedding

Hudson Boosters Operations Assistant

Phone: 612-964-5427